About us


METALIKA is 100% owned by Mr. Igor Arh who was also the founder of brand METALIKA ship & yacht interior.

Latest important step happend in 2008 when we installed latest technology, so called Lean Factory which allows us even more flexible, quality and fast production compared to our competitors.

METALIKA d.o.o. is today modern and innovative an order manufacturing company. Our assignments with custom made interiors and constructions are based on innovation and good traditional workmanship which based on family tradition since 1932. Our production consists of modern wood working machinery and surface coating appliances.

Company’s main line of business is production of:

  • custom made furniture for public spaces on cruising ships, car ferries,…

  • luxury motor and sailing yahts interior

  • private house interiors

To satisfy all our clients demands, we are normally offering also products made of stainless steel, brass, aluminium, glas, marble or granite, chairs and different upholstered furniture.

Our motto is still:

»The best quality for reasonable price delivered on time!«


Joinery and fine furniture production is present in Arh family already four generations. Inspired with tradition and new ideas Mr. Igor Arh established METALIKA, company that is specialized for production of different marine interiors since its beginning in the year of 2002.

At the beggining of 2003 Metalika started also its own furniture production. At the end of 2004 Metalika moved into its current premises in Sevnica. This was another important step for the company. Over 3000 sq. m. of land, workshop and office space and increase in the number of employees happened in very short time. Production of material was also increased and diversified.


What started as a strong passion of woodworking soon escalated to the first steps into a family business in the future. Joy and love of wood shaping lead to great opportunities to gain knowledge on different types of project, learning the true craftsmanship over the years and passing that to the next generation.